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+Random notes from Matthew on the two possible approaches for warning users about unexpected
+unverified devices popping up in their rooms....
+Original idea...
+Warn when an existing user adds an unknown device to a room.
+Warn when a user joins the room with unverified or unknown devices.
+Warn when you initial sync if the room has any unverified devices in it.
+ ^ this is good enough if we're doing local storage.
+ OR, better:
+Warn when you initial sync if the room has any new undefined devices since you were last there.
+ => This means persisting the rooms that devices are in, across initial syncs.
+Updated idea...
+Warn when the user tries to send a message:
+ - If the room has unverified devices which the user has not yet been told about in the context of this room
+ ...or in the context of this user? currently all verification is per-user, not per-room.
+ ...this should be good enough.
+ - so track whether we have warned the user or not about unverified devices - blocked, unverified, verified, unverified_warned.
+ throw an error when trying to encrypt if there are pure unverified devices there
+ app will have to search for the devices which are pure unverified to warn about them - have to do this from MembersList anyway?
+ - or megolm could warn which devices are causing the problems.
+Why do we wait to establish outbound sessions? It just makes a horrible pause when we first try to send a message... but could otherwise unnecessarily consume resources? \ No newline at end of file