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Add investigation notes for browser storage
This collects my notes from investigating the state of browser storage as part of
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+# Browser Storage Notes
+## Overview
+Browsers examined: Firefox 67, Chrome 75
+The examination below applies to the default, non-persistent storage policy.
+## Quota Measurement
+Browsers appear to enforce and measure the quota in terms of space on disk, not
+data stored, so you may be able to store more data than the simple sum of all
+input data depending on how compressible your data is.
+## Quota Limit
+Specs and documentation suggest we should consistently receive
+`QuotaExceededError` when we're near space limits, but the reality is a bit
+When we are low on disk space overall or near the group limit / origin quota:
+* Chrome
+ * Log database may fail to start with AbortError
+ * IndexedDB fails to start for crypto: AbortError in connect from
+ indexeddb-store-worker
+ * When near the quota, QuotaExceededError is used more consistently
+* Firefox
+ * The first error will be QuotaExceededError
+ * Future write attempts will fail with various errors when space is low,
+ including nonsense like "InvalidStateError: A mutation operation was
+ attempted on a database that did not allow mutations."
+ * Once you start getting errors, the DB is effectively wedged in read-only
+ mode
+ * Can revive access if you reopen the DB
+## Cache Eviction
+While the Storage Standard says all storage for an origin group should be
+limited by a single quota, in practice, browsers appear to handle `localStorage`
+separately from the others, so it has a separate quota limit and isn't evicted
+when low on space.
+* Chrome, Firefox
+ * IndexedDB for origin deleted
+ * Local Storage remains in place
+## Persistent Storage
+Storage Standard offers a `` API that can be used to
+request persistent storage that won't be deleted by the browser because of low
+* Chrome
+ * Chrome 75 seems to grant this without any prompt based on [interaction
+ criteria](
+* Firefox
+ * Firefox 67 shows a prompt to grant
+ * Reverting persistent seems to require revoking permission _and_ clearing
+ site data
+## Storage Estimation
+Storage Standard offers a `` API to get some clue of
+how much space remains.
+* Chrome, Firefox
+ * Can run this at any time to request an estimate of space remaining
+* Firefox
+ * Returns `0` for `usage` if a site is persisted