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A toy pastebin on Cloudflare Workers with E2EE, React frontend and S3-compatible storage backend

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update help to clarify abuse
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The decryption will also be done entirely in your browser. Therefore, it is not supported to access encrypted files outside of a modern browser.&nbsp;
If you plan to download the shared file from outside the browser (e.g. command line) or on a low-performance device, use <strong>"Encryption: OFF"</strong>.
+ <p>
+ Please <strong>refrain from uploading illegal content and / or abusing the service</strong>. This service is provided by the maintainer for convenience,&nbsp;
+ but failure to keep reasonable usage of the service may result in your content being removed before the {util.FILE_LIFETIME.replace " ", "-"} mark and your IP being blocked from accessing this service.&nbsp;
+ The service maintainer <strong>reserves sole authority</strong> on deciding whether a piece of content is considered abusive or not.
+ </p>
showHelp = useCallback showHelp, [openDialog]